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Searching for Sites

If you're looking for a company (or even just a particular Website) its often a good idea to browse through the main topic guides on and see if you can find what you're looking for. If not, you can just do a search (found on the top of all pages). After years of surfing and looking we honestly believe that this is faster than doing the search first. The best bet when doing the search is to be as specific as possible. This will turn up the most likely candidates first. Also, make sure your first (and most of the others, if you use more than one word) is the most relavent word to what you are looking for. Often its the choice of the search word that you use that matters most. If your first search doesn't turn up anything, try another search word. If all else fails, try to find a similar site to what you are looking for and seach for it.

Select Information

If you're looking for a tid bit of information (say, what is the population of Lyndonville, VT?), you can either do a search for 'population Lyndonville, VT' or find a Web site that has thsi kind of information. With over 3,000 search utilities, is sure to have a link to a database that contains this information. What you want to do here is find a category on our Guide page that is roughly what you are looking for. Then scroll down an browse the categories contents. The brief descriptions will aid you in determining which one is best for you.

Once you have found a search utility that looks like its going to search the right type of database (and that is the key to actually finding the answer to your question), look over the options available. You'll find that some search utilities have options like "and/or" and so on. Make use of these at first to try and narrow your search. You can always come back and broaden your search. In this way, you are more likly to get an answer to your question on the first try, instead of subsequent searches. Remember too to choose your search word or topic carefully. It will carry you a long way.

Additional Information

We do an awful lot of searching and creating information everyday. So, we would like to pass on to you our trade secrets. Actually, there really are none. There is however, certain bits of information you may find helpful in your never ending quest for searching for information.

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